Mentoring Teen Parents – Done Right – Can Show Powerful Results

St Johns Village Project won’t be a formal mentoring project, but we can learn a lot from the field of mentoring. Mentoring for teen parents has shown remarkable benefits.

From the Missouri Volunteer Resource Mothers site:

The Missouri Volunteer Resource Mothers (MVRM) is a community-based mentoring program for pregnant and parenting teens that was evaluated between 1994 and 1997 in three counties in Missouri. Over 96 teens received mentoring and the results of the evaluation showed that, compared to a nonmentored comparison group, the mentored group that received mentoring for at least one year had:

a) significantly reduced child abuse potential,
b) fewer infant hospital visits,
c) no repeat pregnancies,
d) greater commitment to breast-feeding, and
e) significantly reduced feelings of distress and loneliness.