Anna Bananas + Leisure Public House fundraiser to benefit St. Johns Village Project

This Sunday, Oct. 24th, and “high noon” join us for a dodgeball throwdown at the brownfield site (approximately 8735 N Lombard Avenue) in St. Johns featuring the folks from:

  • Anna Bananas & Leisure Public House and
  • Slims Bar.

Winner takes the Golden Toilet Seat Award and proceeds this year go to the St. Johns Village Project, thanks to the generosity of Anna Bananas owner Sarah Anderson and partners, and the kind words of swapnplay mom Amber Gauntlett.

From Sarah’s email:

Its a fun, funny event that we have been doing for two years, lots of “smack talk” and lots of antics, but we are all friends and in the end we raise some cash for a good cause! We enjoy raising awareness of community groups like yours that are doing good things, but lots of folks in the neighborhood haven’t heard of it yet.

I can’t find any more information about the event including how much it costs to attend. Sarah says they will try to get the St. Johns Boosters to match revenue from the dodgeball game.