Why Participate in the St. Johns Village Project?

If you are a teen parent — or work with teen parents — you may wonder what the St. Johns Village Project has to offer.  We hope to develop strong friendships and a community of social and material support for all participating families. Specifically:

Friendships and learning together

  • We want to validate parenting successes among the teen parents.
  • We hope each playgroup will have some kind of breakfast with juice and coffee.
  • We want to learn together how to help all our kids get developmental assets — the building blocks for success — by chatting and sharing ideas with each other.


  • When a teen parent attends the playgroup four times, she will get to pick a gift out of a basket — for example, a coupon for a free family portrait, Mudeye Puppet show tickets, a coupon for a free coffee from Peet’s, or a coupon for a free haircut. After four more visits, she’ll get to choose again.
  • Occasionally as we’re able we’ll have raffles for larger prizes or prizes that must be used immediately.
  • Monthly, we’ll bring out kids’s clothes that have been donated for teen parents to bring home a bundle.

Succeeding in school

  • We are committed to helping teen parents meet the community service requirement for high school graduation.
  • We want teen parents to succeed in school, life, and parenting — and are here to help teen parents access what they need to do so.

Support for teen dads

We recognize that the playgroup may or may not meet the needs of teen dads and are committed to finding ways that do, for example, hosting monthly Dads BBQs, and creating a Dads garden plot at the St. Johns Community Garden.

Please check us out! Contact Amy, amy@stjohnsvillage.org or text SJVP to 503-893-8941.

By Amy Potthast Posted in About