Halloween Pumpkin Giveaway

Jeremy Seitz Flickr Creative Commons

Jeremy Seitz Flickr Creative Commons

Farrell Realty is holding its 8th annual Halloween Pumpkin Giveaway Saturday morning, just before St. Johns Village Project’s 5th annual Halloween Party and Costume Giveaway for the children of North Portland’s young parents!

This Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm at Farrell — 4772 N. Lombard St. — kids ages 12 and under are welcome to bring their parents to Farrell and pick out a pumpkin.

They will also have crafts.

Nikki DelGiudice and colleagues from Farrell have pulled together a sweet collection of costumes to share with us, too, so if you go, say THANK YOU!

By Amy Potthast Posted in News