What is the St. Johns Village Project?
The St. Johns Village Project is a group mentoring program and play group for St. Johns teen parents, other parents and all our kids. The idea behind the project is to offer the teen parents of St. Johns additional support to succeed in life and parenting and to become fully a part of the St. Johns community of families. Pregnant teens are welcome.

Why pancakes?
The Pancake Day structure is important for several reasons:

1) Parents will have a chance to get to know each others’s kids and play supportive roles in their lives (all kids need caring adults in their lives);

2) Parents will be able to share and talk about constructive parenting techniques and to help build the 40 Developmental Assets of all the participating children.

3) Parents will be able to participate without having to rely on child care and without having to sacrifice time with their kids;

4) We all eat together.

When and where will the play group meet?
The Pancake Days, and meet once a month for two hours on Saturdays. Swapnplay, a play space and community of families in St. Johns, has been so gracious to share their space with us!Who are the teen moms?

The teen parents will also come from North Portland high schools— current or former students at Roosevelt High School, Pathfinder Academy, Rosemary Anderson High School, and White Shield. The play group will also be open to pregnant teens.

Who are the others moms?
The adult moms and dads are from St. Johns and North Portland. Older parents who commit to the project will apply to volunteer in the program, and pass a background check.

What about young dads?

Young dads also need support and are welcome to attend pancake day.

Is the St. Johns Village Project a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or a member of Oregon Mentors?
No (not yet). However, the St. Johns Village Project coordinator is receiving support from Oregon Mentors and other nonprofits. We are a partner of Rosemary Anderson High School and Swapnplay, both nonprofits here in Oregon.

What evidence-based methods is the St. Johns Village Project employing?
The project aims to help teen moms and their kids build several of the 40 Development Assets.

Who’s coordinating the project?
Amy Potthast is a St. Johns resident, mother of two young boys. Key partners are Meghann Darne, of Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC), and a committed group of adult moms and dads.

How can I get involved?
We are also looking for volunteers: older moms to volunteer as planners and/or mentors; young parents to participate; people to connect us with other teen parenting organizations; and people with knowledge of teen parenting and parenting education to advise us and serve as guest speakers.  With these or other inquiries, email Amy at amy [at] stjohnsvillage.org. Or look for us on Facebook!